Leading Nishikigoi Breeders


Leading Nishikigoi Breeders

In Living Jewels' journey to provide the highest quality Nishikigoi, much of the listed Koi has been acquired from the most prominent breeders in Japan. These include: Dainichi, Sakai, Isa, Omosako. We have also been able to acquire the direct offspring of at least two Grand Champions; the Dainichi Sakura & Satsuki, & other prize winning bloodlines to add to our existing broodstock.



Dainichi Dainichi Koi Farm

Dainichi is one of the biggest and most famous names in Koi. Run by the sons of the deceased high-end Koi breeder Minoru Mano, Dainichi Koi Farm thrives as one of the busiest and most professional Koi outlets in the Japan with 3 state of the art facilities in Niigata, the home of the Nishikigoi. Dainichi concentrates heavily on body shape, and the original Dainichi was quite huge and impressive. Dainichi Koi Farm still uses parent Koi left to them by their father, breeding prize winning Kohaku, Sanke and Showa varieties. Dainichi Koi have been champions in the All Japan, ZNA and Nogyosai Koi shows over the years.



Sakai Koi Farm


Sakai Fish Farm

Sakai Fish Farm in Hiroshima has been in the business of breeding some of the highest quality Koi in Japan for over 100 years. Sakai is considered to be a pioneer in Koi production, adopting various new technologies such as Koi breeding in heated water and artificial field ponds. The Sakai Fish Farm has produced several Grand Champions in numerous Koi shows such as the the All Japan Shinkokai and All Japan ZNA shows, just to name a few.



Isa Koi Farm

Isa Koi Farm was established in 1970 by Mr. Hajime Isa, a well-known authority in the business of Koi production and the Chairman of the International Nishikigoi Promotion Association. Isa Koi Farm has been producing excellent quality Koi for over 40 years, including Kohaku and Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) varieties, but they are most famous for their champion-class Showa Sanshoku. 


Omosako koi Farm


Omosako Koi Farm

The Omosako Koi Farm has been breeding and selling Koi since 1974, and is regarded as Japan's number one breeder for high quality Shiro Utsuri. The Omosako family is responsible for developing the Shiro Utsuri as a serious Koi type, being the first breeder ever to produce a show-quality Shiro Utsuri over 40 inches in size. Shiro Utsuri produced by Omosako has won numerous awards at the All Japan Koi Show over the years.


Marudo Koi Farm

The Marudo Koi Farm was established by Mr. Hisashi Hirasawa, one of the first employees to be trained at Dainichi Koi farms from its inception. Mr. Hirasawa played an important role in establishing the Dainichi brand and is now a well established Koi breeder in his own right, having benefitted from the knowledge and experience of the former generations of Dainichi. Marudo Koi Farm produces a wide variety of Koi including Kohaku, Showa Sanshoku, Taisho Sanshoku, Ginrin Kohaku, Chagoi, Shiro Utsuri, Kujaku, Ogon, Asagi, and Kinmatsuba.

Hoshikin Koi Farm

Hoshikin Koi Farm specializes in the production of Kohaku and has been working persistently towards perfecting their Kohaku bloodlines. Although Dainichi is recognized as the number one breeder for Kohaku, Hoshikin Kohaku is considered by many to be on par and is now an established, representative Kohaku bloodline. Kohaku produced by Hoshikin have won 6 grand champions at Koi shows of the last fall only.